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Wednesday, July 1, 2009



I think noone is unaware of Michael's death last week and we couldn't let that event be ignored by our blog which is meant to be as exhaustive as possible. Of course, exhaustive does not mean anything, and we we have wondered if Michael Jackson had to be baistophed. This didn't seem to be an evidence for everybody. To my opinion, I suggested to re-listen all the albums I had from him, plus the two last ones. Even if he was a truly strange person, I must confess that I'm amazed each time I listen to his 2 best selling albums. Only to think that, in 1987, a guy who was stamped 'RNB' made songs that rocked more than any other real rock bands is simply a performance. Indeed, Jackson managed to bring black and white communities to an agreement about music. RNB or Rock ? who gives a fuck. That's simply music and we just like it.
So this was an evidence for us to baistophe Michael but it was for making a HISTORY CD1 reissue, that was uninteresting. What you will find here is, of course all is great 80s years, but also the so often forgotten great 70s Motown years and many rare tracks that are unavailable on any official CD. So we think it's a useful compilation
So let's forget all the paper and tabloids article to focus on the career. Michael Jackson had just kept being a child... a lost child.

My Michael Jackson TOP3 :
1- Thriller (1983)
2- Bad (1987)
3- Dangerous (1991)

My Michael Jackson BOTTOM3 :
1- Invincible (2001)
2- Blood On The Dance Floor (1996)
3- Ben (1972)


pfelelep said...

c'est de circonstance. Merci beaucoup pour ce très bel hommage. :)

Nothing in lemon said...

Merci pour cet hommage.

Même si depuis quelques années, MJ ne me fascine plus vraiment, j'ai vécu l'onde de choc "Thriller" en 1982. Véritable raz de marée, à l’époque. Rien que pour ça, chapeau bas Michael. Un vinyle en bonne place dans ma discothèque, j’ai bien l’intention d’acheter la version CD, tant « Beat it » (entre autre) fait partie de mes gênes, de mon adolescence, de ma culture, de mes influences, de ma vie… D'une éfficacité impitoyable.

La question ne se pose même pas : oui, ce Baistophe est nécessaire, pour ne pas dire indispensable.

Qui n’a aucun souvenir marqué par du Michael JACKSON ?
Le voici, plus encore ancré dans la légende, le mythe.
Malgré les polémiques assassinent et les journalistes véreux qui n’ont eu cesse de l’assassiner, il reste dans nos mémoires comme un personnage singulier, un perfectionniste, une bête de scène gigantesque. On oublie pas…

Merci à toute l’équipe et particulièrement à mon pote Stefan.


S.F.P. said...

C'est gentil de me remercier ami mais je ne suis pas l'auteur de ce baistophe... ;)

Donc merci à Aya qui a particulièrement soigné son artwork (voir le "inside" extrêmement réussi) et rendez-vous dès demain pour un peu de saveur française parce que ça fait trop longtemps qu'on n'y est plus passé...

marram62 said...


FDB said...

I came to this blog because I searched for Rodolphe Burger who has written the song "Dix heures en été", together with Françoise Hardy. This recording reminds me of the Michael Jackson song "Give it in to me". Yes, I found what I've been looking for - and I found another great tribute to the King of Pop. My own tribute is very small; it's only a video about the hateful people and the mass media who have killed him bit by bit. I made this because I think that we should never forget this horrible part of HIStory. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

S.F.P. said...

Sure the media weren't easy on MJ, but he did quite a good work killing himself with overused of medications and surgery. Nonetheless, may he rest in peace.