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Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Here we are! I think most of you have waited for this one and it's been a long long time for me to make it real. Here's the new Pink Floyd Cover Concept album. Based upon The Wall, it has necessarily its highs and lows. Indeed, I really wanted to make the whole album without forgetting any track, even Stop or Outside The Wall. But for some of those songs had I not the choice at all. Maybe I have not searched enough but that's what I really got. The biggest difficulty was to find each song from a different singer. That's what I nearly did. But Stop and The Trial are from the same singer. I had another version of The Trial from a swiss musical but the one from luther wright was much better. Here it is for your great pleasure!


Anonymous said...

Good morning A.G. this is the one I did not think you could do yet you prove me wrong I have DL this one and have had a quick listen to selected tracks cant wait to give it a good going over later thanks for the good work you have my utmost respect as a human being.

A fantastic Pink Floyd collection keep up the good work with all the collections and many thanks for the progressive month best wishes and regards
The Old Fool

Anonymous said...

Looks like "The Happiest Days..." is tacked onto the end of "ABITW, pt. 1" and then repeats as its own track. Easily fixed, but I thought you'd like to know.


Ayah Gagöhn said...

OK. I knew that problem but thought i'd fixed it :-s

By the way, I must reup the link correctly.

One thing can be interesting for everyone : without the bonus track then, you'll be able to burn this baistophe onto one unique CD !

Raven176 said...

I can do my happy dance if no one is watching, right?

Thanks. I love these.

Raven176 said...

One more thing:
Fantastic artwork.