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Thursday, February 5, 2009



Ozric Tentacles was born at the wrong time. Emerging in the 80s, when music had to be simple, soft and meaningless, Ozric took the place Gong had left half a decade earlier. But,unlike Gong, OT didn't put either jazz or progressive sounds in their space cake, but dub and electronica... Except that big difference, the filiation is an unarguable evidence. For example, the spacey sounds emanating from the synthesizers are a clear heritage of Venux Deluxe. Of course, OT were/are much more than just a reincarnation of Gong, they have a sound and style of their own but one can find them to be the most fitting equivalent to Gong's trippy sound for the modern age. Damn, Steve Hillage even played with them
Beginning in the midsts of the brit underground, using the good old D.I.Y. to release their material and selling it to people attending their concerts, Ozric Tentacles slowly became an iconic figure of the popular non-broadcastable music. Their last album, a live one, is one of the best things they've released in a handful of years... None of its tracks will appear here because, as we usually do, this baistophe essentially features studio tracks with the notable exception of Aumriff which is, as you might have already guessed, an adaptation of Gong's Om Riff.
Take a trip in the Tentacles of Ozric, you will not regret it!

My Ozric Tentacles TOP3 :
1. Jurassic Shift (1993)
2. Arborescence (1994)
3. Curious Corn (1997)

My Ozric Tentacles BOTTOM3 :
1. Floating Seeds Remixes (1999)
2. Swirly Terminations (2000)
3. Tantric Obstacles (1984)

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