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Monday, February 23, 2009



Van der Graaf had 4 lives in their 40 years life, and with a gap of 27 years ! That band created by Peter Hammill made an unusual progressive for so many reasons. First because it was one of those rare rock bands to play either without a bass player nor a guitar ! The bass was played by the keyboard player with his feet, a bit like a church organist. The guitar was however sometimes played by Hammill, but it wasn't the true spirit of the band. Second, because it is one of the only bands not to be banned or hated by the punk era, Hammill being a great source of inspiration for members of the Sex Pistols.
The first life of Van der Graaf lasted from 1968 to 1971. A very short first life where the band managed to record 4 LPs. That first era is the most uneasy one as can witness Pawn Hearts (1971) which is the hardest-access album VdGG ever made.
The second life is a softer period where you can see the dream team, as pictured on the back cover of this compilation. During a much shorter life (1975-1976) the Graaf also made a great job with 3 studio albums.
Then everything turned wrong and arguments made everyone go seperate ways, at the exception of Hammill who wanted to go on with a new line-up : the band would be called Van der Graaf (without "Generator"). In 1977 was issued The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome which is more a Hammill-sounding album, but really great one! Saxophonist David Jackson joined back for a live LP to take place on older tracks violonist Graham Smith couldn't play.
Then, the Graaf disbanded and everyone thought it was for good. But in 2005, the Graaf was back again with a great double CD called Present and featuring the Dream Team!
In 2008, was edited a new album, Trisector, called so maybe to accentuate the absence of David Jackson who was fired because a participated to an unothaurized bootleg. Sad affair...
Thanks for great job to Pierre who cooked this Graafology "d'une main de maître".

Pierre's VdGG TOP3 :
1 Still Life (1976)
2 Godbluff (1975)
3 Pawn Hearts (1971)

Pierre's VdGG BOTTOM3 :
1. Aerosol Grey Machine (1968)
2. The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other (1970)
3. Present (2005)

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