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Sunday, February 8, 2009


THE BEST OF 1979-2003

Obviously, this compilation is just an introduction to the quirky/weird world of The Cramps. For their massive influence on the garage, punk, and rocka/psychobilly scene, the hard working force The Cramps have always been became an icon. Their live performances were of the explosive kind and if their urgent redefinition of classic rock'n'roll may seem a tad simplistic to some, it still is nothing short of essential.
Through the years, they've had commercial and judiciary ups and downs but remained artistically uncompromised, true to the gang of misfits that once roamed the club scene spilling blood, spit and attitude like no others did. Not only The Cramps were a terrific rock'n'roll assault group, they also perfectly personalized a certain sub/counter culture made of sex, 50s horror movies and good clean aggressivity. For all these reasons, and many more, they have gained a well deserved place in the History of "pop" (as in popular) music.
Now that Lux Interior has passed away, the adventure, that covered over three decades, is over. May the music stay... Forever.

Tear It Up

Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs


Vaughn said...

EXCELLENT WORK! And one of your best covers yet. May Lux's bones ROCK FOREVER. Merci.

Mark said...

Great stuff - Many thanks

shadreck said...

Great collection and a superb cover. Many thanks.

aceofspace said...

un bel hommage, que des bons titres, merci pour ceux qui vont decouvrir,

RevolutionaryBum said...

Cheers, Thanx for the tribute to one so True to the Spirt & Soul of Music !!! And I just had to say how Kool your blog is! The concept is something I hope to see more of. In Fact I've been toying with doing my own but I wanted some form and hint of originality... Your sight has inspired me =) Hope you don't mind if I glean some of your concepts ? I'll send my link when & if I ever get it going... Till then Thanx for your efforts !!!

Lux 4 Life !