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Sunday, February 1, 2009



Richard Gotainer is one of those underrated talents that everyone in France knows. This eccentric singer likes to play with words and deal with subjects that no one would expect him to... Because his most popular songs are just kiddy funny songs, he was rapidly stamped as a "singer for children". That's a big mistake if you pay a closer attention to the remainder of his discography, you'll realize it. There are a great number of examples such as Rupture de Stock, Le Béquillard Des Bois, also the often sex-oriented but never gross Femmes A Lunettes, Quéquettes Blues, Tout Chez Moi L'Habite. All these songs, and a lot more, manage to make fun of each and every everyday subject in a subtle and humourous way.
After 1997's Tendance Banane and a 8 years silence, 2005 saw his triumphant return. After a so-so musical called La Goutte Au Pépère, 2008 witnesses a new album called Espèces de Bonobos that is nearly as good as the good old time!
Be curious, try this one of a kind artist that allies, with his ô so peculiar voice, the melodic talent of a pop artist and the writing talent found in the best of the French chanson.

My Richard Gotainer TOP3 :
1. Le Forgeur de Tempos (1977)
2. Chants Zazous (1983)
3. Espèces De Bonobos (2008)

My Richard Gotainer BOTTOM3 :
1. C'Est Pas Beau La Vie ? (1994)
2. Tendance Banane (1997)
3. La Goutte Au Pépère (2005)


Anonymous said...


Prochain challenge: Pierre Perret & Bourvil


S.F.P. said...

Bourvil ça peut se faire... Pierre Perret, j'en doute fortement...
En tout cas, bravo à Yann pour cette jolie compilation !

kingpossum said...

Not being a Frenchman who might normally be aware of an artist such as this, I really appreciate the Baistophers bringing these artists to light. It may take a while for me to develop an ear for it, but that is the beauty of what takes place here...exploring new sounds.

Merci beaucoup,

Ayah Gagöhn said...

I admit it may be difficult to non-french speaking people to understand Gotainer's words (then world)...
The music is not the prime interest in this compilation, maybe except for the very beginning and the very end : to have seen him on stage not long ago, it really rocks ! It's much softier on CD... sadly

Anonymous said...

Merci pour le Got'!