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Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Another step into the Pink Floyd covers project. For the same reason as on Ummagummore, nothing was really easy to bring all together a completed Obscured By Clouds album covered by other people. So I decided to put it on a bonus CD, so this Pink Floyd covers album is the first one to be a double-CD. Don't trust the number of tracks on the bonus CD, Monkey Gold, which is a live tune of a band called Somah (you'll find the complete concert on, is a bit of a medley of a Beatles' song (Everybody's Got Someting To Hide Except Me & My Monkey) and, of course, The Gold It's In The ... from you-know-who. This song is played in a typical Phish style and lasts at least 16 minutes !
For some reasons, I had to put two versions of Echoes. The first I chose finally is on the bonus CD. Indeed, this short accoustic version could have been the only one to be in there but I thought that many Echoes-maniacs would have burned me down if I did not put a closer version (Mostly Autumn's one). So I put both !

Extracts :
Electron : Fearless

The Kind Buds : Echoes


Anonymous said...

many thanks - you make very interesting & unique compilations

Raven176 said...

First time here, I must say, these Pink Floyd cover cd's are just great.
Thanks for the effort and I look forward to what's next.

Ayah Gagöhn said...


The next one will take much more time as there are much more material ^^

Raven176 said...

It'll be worth the wait.
Again, it's a great idea and
it's been done wonderfully.
Dig the artwork too!

allez said...

Wow, great compilations! Big thank you for the Floyd covers.
Remember there's a great Transatlantic version of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" ...


Ayah Gagöhn said...

I know, I know

The Old Fool said...

Hi Guys Just got back from 3 weeks in sunny Thailand to find another Pink Floyd tribute I cant Wait To D/l thiis one hopefully it will lift my frozen spirits thanks as always AG you are the man
Regards The Old Fool

The Old Fool said...

Well what can i say yet another superb collection AG the version of fearless is brilliant thank for this one i can hardley wait to see what genius you come up with next thanks and much respect
The Old Fool

Ayah Gagöhn said...

I'm a bit disappointed. Just after I posted this "Meddled In The Clouds", I just discovered a much better version of Echoes, with african percussions. So great. I'll think about to make a medley compilation with some covers I didn't put into any of those ones