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Tuesday, January 20, 2009



John McLaughlin is one of the major guitarists in the Jazz world. He has made many albums alone or with other people (Carlos Santana, for instance)... and as a session guitarist (the Herman's Hermits is another example). His mentor, Mile Davis gave him good education, the love of Jazz and the love of any other cultures. He focused in the 70s in the Eastern spirituality and made some great albums with his band Shanti, a mixture of Jazz and indian music. But before then, he dove into the electric music with his multinational band Mahavishnu Orchestra. Each founding member of the band came from a different country : USA, GB, Irland, the Netherlands and South Africa. The gathering of 5 such different lands made a new music, fresh and inovative, in between Jazz-Rock and Progressive music. In 1974, McLaughlin was left alone and made a new M.O. albums with other members and an orchestra (Apocalypse). After then, nothing sounded really like before and after a last 70 album, Inner Worlds, John dropped The Mahav to join the Shanti line up and follow his solo adventure.
In 1984, a very last album, simply named Mahavishnu was released but didn't have the grandeur and the identity the band had in the last decade.

Extracts :
Noonward Race

I Wonder

My Mahavishnu Orchestra Top :
1. The Lost Trident Sessions (1973, Ed. 1999)
2. Birds Of Fire (1971)
3. The Inner Mounting Flame (1970)
4. Visions Of The Emerald Beyond (1974)
5. Apocalypse (1974)
6. Inner Worlds (1975)
7. Mahavishnu (1984)
8. Adventures In Radioland (1987, Ed. 1993)


Jazzfan said...

Excellent work!
Do you plan any more McLaughlin compilations?

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Shanti for sure but the solo career is so big that I don't know if I'll find the courage.

stinky.steve said...

Thank you for these.

If you decide on another of his, be sure to include the title track from the Extrapolation album.

Stéph said...

Un très joli voyage que cette compilation Around The World... Je ne connaissais pratiquement aucun des morceaux et c'est avec le sourire aux lèvres que j'ai découvert certains pays tout en musique... J'y reviendrai :-)

Gregoire said...

Pour info:

Puis-je suggérer que ELP c'est de la merde mais que je prendrais bien une tranche d'Amon Düül ?

Merci du boulot les gars ! C'est imparfait (des compils quoi) mais d'utilité publique.

omark said...

JMcL's East-West fusion group was "Shakti," not "Shanti." Shanti was a fusion group that Zakir Hussain played in before Shakti.

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Shakti is what I wanted to write, but i made a little mistake. ;-)