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Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Amazing Blondel was an english folk band that emerged in the very late 60s. After a first album where the band didn't really knew how they would sound, they finally completely dropped the electric stuff to go further into some medieval music. After 4 albums, the trio became a duet also dropping the "Amazing" in its name. The music became more and more pop but less recognisable as a Blondel style... Maybe because of the adjunction of a guest musician on every album. One of the less interesting albums however features a croud of well known guests (Eddie Jobson, Paul Kossoff, Boz Burrell, Simon Kirke, Mick Ralphs, ...). After a long silence, the band came back as a trio and were back into the sound they will finally always be known for.

Extracts :

Sinfonia for Guitars and Strings

My Amazing Blondel TOP 3 :
1. England (1971)
2. Fantasia Lindum (1971)
3. Evensong (1970)

My Amazing Blondel BOTTOM 3 :
1. Bad Dreams (1976)
2. Blondel (1973)
3. Mulgrave Street (1974)


kingpossum said...

No comments for this interesting, left-field choice and beautiful Baistophe artwork?! C'mon people. This is an under-appreciated outfit that rewards the listener with some interesting sounds.

And the Baistophers did another stunning package for it. First rate.

Mark said...

Many thanks for this, keep it up!

scott roberts said...

I personally rank BLONDEL and MULGRAVE STREET among my favorites. But it's all a matter of taste. I suspect the the later albums suffer by how much they don't sound like the early ones, and are not judged on their own merits. Still, I agree that BAD DREAMS is the weakest of all. And for the record, they never dropped the word "amazing" from the name, although that's constantly being stated as fact. They didn't use it on the front cover of two albums. In the first case, BLONDEL happened to be the album title, not the band's new name. Who knows why "amazing" wasn't on the front of MULGRAVE STREET, but it was on the back, the spine, and the label. It was used again in full glory on the next three albums: INSPIRATION, BAD DREAMS, and the live lp. They were always Amazing Blondel.

[GEMY] said...

Thanks for all those details I wasn't aware of.

And I agree with you that the latest albums suffer from not being like those who gave identity to the band. Mulgrave is not a bad album at all but I just wonder what they could have done if they had remained a medieval folk band. They could have done good, surprising work.