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Tuesday, January 6, 2009



Does Bruce "Air Raid Siren" Dickinson really needs an introduction? From his years of service in one of the biggest heavy metal franchise, Iron Maiden not to name them, he gained a fame very few heavy metal singers ever did. But the leader of the band was Steve Harris and, thus, too few experimentations were allowed to him. It resulted in his non-collaboration to Iron Maiden's 5th album, Somewhere In Time, and later to a first, but parallel to his Iron Maiden's involvment, solo album: Tattoeed Millionaire.
Finally, the frustration was too intense and he decided to leave the band and released his second and first "ambitious" solo album: Balls To Picasso (1994) which was followed by his more adventurous and less metal album with too little success to pursue the experience. 1996's Skunkworks isn't a bad album, it's just not what his audience (mainly Iron Maiden fans) expected from Bruce.
He then returned to what he did best: heavy metal! And, to this day, Accident Of Birth (1996) and Chemical Wedding (1998) remain two very solid opuses which could easily compete with what his previous band released at the time. Success was back but not as big as the one he used to have which caused him to come back to Iron Maiden in 2000 helping both his and his historic band's career to renew with a larger success.
That didn't stop him from wanting to have music of his own and, in 2005, he released what is, today, still his latest album: Tyranny Of Souls. This one doesn't match the quality of his previous releases but is still a solid metal effort featuring songs that could very well have been used with Harris & Co.
So, here's a compilation displaying what I think is the best of Bruce Dickinson's solo career. I also added some curiosities such as his very first demo recording. I hope you'll enjoy the selection and you'll want to dig a little deeper into Bruce's solo catalogue, it deserves it!

Tears Of A Dragon (1994)

The Tower (1998)

1 - Balls To Picasso (1994)
2 - The Chemical Wedding (1998)
3 - Accident Of Birth (1997
4 - Tattooed Millionaire (1990)
5 - Tyranny Of Souls (2005)

6 - Skunkworks (1996)

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