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Thursday, January 8, 2009



This is not a Fugazi compilation and, for sure, this is NOT punk. Fugazi, formed by various über-talented forces of the Washington D.C. scene were and possibly will be, if they ever come out of the actual hiatus they're on, the thing that comes AFTER punk failed to create anything but a loosy/angry dérivé of rock'n'roll. I dare not call it post-punk or post-hardcore as some may do, no, Fugazi is ART. Using the usual "weapons" of rock music, MacKaye, Picciotto, Lally and Canty created a world of their own where everything is possible.From his involvment in punk/hardcore legend Minor Threat, Ian MacKaye retained the urgency adding it a useful dose intellectualism. Guy Picciotto and Brendan Canty, both of Rites Of Spring's fame, brought their emotional post-hardcore aesthetics to the formation while Joe Lally, a relative new-comer, completed the formation with gusto and wit.
From their starting album (Repeater, 1990) to their, to this day, final declaration (The Argument, 2001) Fugazi have demonstrated that a band can evolve while still retaining the core of its original "message". The 7 (eight if you count the merging of their first two EPs in a long-player form) are all essential additions to any sensation-seeking music lover. Anyway, can you really go wrong with a band who's influence changed the sound of formations such as Blur or French rock heroes Noir Désir? I think not.
So... What I've tried with this selection is to capture the essence of the band in 80 minutes, not an easy task to achieve and I hope you'll enjoy it and then go to Dischord records and buy their albums.

Waiting Room


1 - Argument (2001)
2 - Red Medecine (1995)
3 - End Hits (1998)

4 - In On The Killtaker (1993)
5 - Steady Diet Of Nothing (1991)
6 - Instrument Soundtrack (1999)

7 - Repeater (1990)
8 - 13 Songs (1989)


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Didier T said...

FUGAZI addict (mais pas que...), je profite de ce post pour vous transmettre un petit message de sympathie. Super concept, graphisme étudié, bon goût de mise. BAISTOPHE est devenu un site incontournable. Merci pour ces belles compiles qui ne font que ravir mes esgourdes. Bonne année à vous !

kingpossum said...

Random props--you people are amazing!

Spooky Tooth, Bruce Dickinson, Fugazi, along with Jacques Brel, Claan Zu, A Perfect Circle--it's all about the variety and love for the sounds.

Thank you so much for what you do--it's why I HAVE to stop by and see what's up at Baistophe all the time.

Love and regards,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the praise!

Suggestions are welcomed!

la patate said...

Merci, merci et re merci, je viens de connaitre le nom du groupe qui jouait "Waiting Room" et que j'ecoutais à fond il y a quinze ans sans connaitre ni le nom du morceau ni le groupe.
Merci Merci