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Saturday, October 18, 2008

YES (ABO#132)


As many bands, Yes is nearly only known for one hit single : Owner Of A Lonely Heart. Although it is not a bad song, this is really not the trademark that made them popular in the 70s. They were the front band of the Progressive landscape but, as a fashion passes by, they were rapidly called "the dinosaurs of Rock" and became a band making kitsch music (just listen to Awaken to see that this unfair etiquette is rubbish !
Then in the eighties, the Yes most people know is not really Yes. First named Cinema, that band founded by Chris Squire, Alan White and Trevor Rabin became Yes because of the adjonction of Jon Anderson and Tony Kaye. Cinema, with 4 from 5 Yes members had to become Yes. After 2 albums, Yes brang back its glorious old progressive rock habit and talent.

Extracts :
No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed


Machine Messiah

My Yes TOP3 :
1. Close To The Edge (1972)
2. Relayer (1974)
3. The Yes Album (1971)

My Yes BOTTOM3 :
1. Union (1991)
2. Open Your Eyes (1997)
3. Big Generator (1987)


Vaughn said...

Great job on this one! Merci!

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Surprisingly, this one was very easy to compil. But some songs miss at my deep despair.

Mr Moodswings said...

Big Generator dans les 3 plus mauvais ??? Alors là non, non et non !!! >_<

Ayah Gagöhn said...


Mr Moodswings said...


Ayah Gagöhn said...

merci ! ^^

Nick The Quick said...

I complained to you about your blog in the past,and I now apologize for it . Your blog has outstanding compliations,and at great quality . Your album covers are great too. When I'm wrong I'll admit it . Hats off to you mate. This is a great blog !!!