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Thursday, October 9, 2008


30 ANS DEJA...

Jacques Brel (April 8, 1929 - October 9, 1978) was a Belgian French-speaker author-composer with such a strong power of expression in his lyrics that many consider him a poet as well. He was also an actor and directed two movies. He was born in Schaerbeek, Belgium, a small city north of Brussels.
In the early 1950s he went to Paris, writing music and singing in the city cabarets and music-halls, where on stage he expressed his songs with grand physical gestures. By 1956 he was touring Europe and he recorded the song Quand on n'a que l'amour that brought him his first major recognition.
His themes are extremely diverse, exploring love, society but also spiritual concerns amon others. His work is not limited to one style. He was as proficient in funny compositions as in heart-breaking ones.
Brel's acute perception made him an innovative and creative painter of daily life with rare poetic ease. He was a master poet. His intelligent use of words was striking and simple, exhibiting a very visual and meaningful vocabulary. Few of his peers are considered to match his skill in fitting as much novelty and meaning in a sentence from a few words of common use.
He composed and recorded his songs almost exclusively in French, and is widely recognized in French-speaking countries as one of the best French-language composers of all time. But he occasionally included parts in Flemish as in Marieke, and also recorded Flemish versions of a few songs such as Le Plat Pays and Les bourgeois.
In 1973 he retreated to French Polynesia, remaining there until 1977 when he returned to Paris and recorded his well-received final album.
Brel died of lung cancer and was buried in the Altuona Cemetery, Altuona, Hiva-Oa, Iles Marquises, French Polynesia only a few yards away from painter Paul Gauguin.
English versions of his songs have been recorded by artists as varied as David Bowie, Scott Walker, Terry Jacks, Alex Harvey, Jack Lukeman, and Marc Almond.
Today is the 30th anniversary of his death.

La valse à mille temps


Chanson des vieux amants

Voir un ami pleurer


Anonymous said...

what happened to moodswings?

S.F.P. said...
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Anonymous said...

ya.. Moodswings... ? :(

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I think they shut down "moodswings" :(

Let us know plz on Stefan's re-opening elsewhere maybe!

S.F.P. said...

I may or may not re-open somewhere else...
It was a hard thing to take will all the music posted...

I'll let you know.

mrgnash said...

My condolences Stefan, that was a great blog you had there, and you had obviously put a lot of work into it. Sucks that it was taken down :(

Anonymous said...

ya.. i agree with mrgnash above!

anonyme above was me - Darkman
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Both cases scenarios for me - suck / would suck obviously :(

allez said...

hey Stefan,
I would suggest Hungary (like or Turkey (like but please keep on going!


NicoQB said...

Heh, it seems this comment thread has become a congress for bemoaning the closing of our beloved moodswings...


Anyhow, before google does another refresh, you can still check out moodswings by going to the cached versions of pages:

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I just went to grab a few Brels, just now... :)

Hope to hear more of you back soon, Stef, meanwhile I'll use this as an opportuunity to look a bit more about Baistophe!

NicoQB said...

...and clicking on the cached versions of results shown by google, of course...

Anonymous said...

Hungary, Turkey.. - What's wrong with here on the blogspot?

Moodswings on the blogspot or something like that...


S.F.P. said...

I'm starting a new Moodswings, look at the links and help me spread the news... ;)

Anonymous said...

tu sais Jaques Brel c'etait le meilleur

Aristillus said...


allez suggested you to place your blog on ( is NOT Hungarian, allez :)). I think that's a good idea, because is not safe.

Cheers! You rule!

PaulNZ said...

Hi Thanks for the new Baistophes always something new for me when I come here. I searched your blog and noticed that you did not have a baistophe of captain Beefheart. I recently found one at tand thought someone here might like it. Not mine of course.

All The best

Anonymous said...

Salut Stefan !

Heureux de lire que tu ne te laisses pas abattre !
Longue vie au nouveau Moodswings et merci !