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Monday, October 6, 2008



Everybody knows Scorpions' megahits... The power-ballads (Still Loving You) and the slightly cheesy ones (Wind of Change), the rockers (Rock You Like A Hurricane) or the surprises the band often offers (Is The Anybody There and it's reggae tone for example).
Not everybody knows what treasures the band gave throughout their 35 years of activity... From (almost) kraut sounds to heavy hard rockers, from light psychedelia to heavy metal, the germans had it all. Sure, the 70s were their golden era, granted not their most successful, but, even in the recent years, Scorpions still had some really nice tunes to display.
This compilation tries to sum up their lenghty carreer in all its variety and quality, enjoy!

Fly People Fly

Steamboat Fever

Big City Nights

New Generation

1 comment:

Francesco Nemesi said...

Where's "Coast to Coast"? Their best track IMHO