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Friday, October 17, 2008



Michel Corringe is not only unknown abroad but also in France. Only a few people really know the man and his work and it seemed premedited. Born in Tunisy in 1949, he made his life on the road. His songs were often dealing with his life as a vagabond, and his political thoughts, left-winged to anarchist. He real hippy, then. Although a great success with his first LP, he remained in a very confidential business, and sadly died in 2002 in complete oblivion. His albums remain rare and unrereleased (as many RCA albums) at the exception of "La Route" (his first album) which has been reedited this year on Magic Records. Let's hope the other albums will have the same treatment !
For that reason, this compilation is mostly a vinyl-rip compilation (except for his last album Phénix which was only CD-edited), but I hope will enjoy anyway the great talent of Michel Corringe...
As a bonus, a very late pour-sounding song "Le Tango Du Chien" is a demo tape of a song which should have featured on the album Michel was to record. Cancer did not let him finish it...

Extracts :
J'Ai Tant Rêvé De Toi

Un Feu D'Artifice, Mets Ta Tête Dans Le Mur

My Michel Corringe TOP3 :
1. J'Ai Mal, J'Ai Peur, Mais Je T'Aime (1979)
2. Les Paumés (aka La Route) (1968)
3. A Suivre (1976)

My Michel Corringe BOTTOM3 :
1. Phénix (1998)
2. Tatouages (1978)
3. Aldébaran (1982)


Anonymous said...

Souvenirs souvenirs ! Merci de faire connaitre cet artiste hélas oublié...
A. Nonyme

Ayah Gagöhn said...

C'était pour moi une nécessité : il figure chez moi, à égale hauteur des Brel-Ferré-Brassens.

Sa médiatisation et son manque de prolifisme, l'ont empeché d'avoir l'exposition et le prestige national qu'il mérite.

Tu l'auras deviné, mon ami Albert Nonyme, Corringe est pour moi plus qu'un maître es chansons

SFP (fainéant) said...

Prolifisme... C'est un mot ça ?

Ayah Gagöhn said...

oui : c'est une suite de lettres. Et dans la mesure où tout le monde (francophone au moins) est en mesure de le comprendre, néologisme ou pas, c'est un mot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Baistophe,

thank you for the music - thanks to you I got to know people like Michel Corringe, people whom I had never even heard of, and who have made such beautiful music ...
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Merci, merci, merci!