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Sunday, October 26, 2008



I already hear some people say "hey another guitarist, I hate guitar songs, always boring and without the technical talent, they are nothing". This sentence may often be true for many guitar player, but not for Steve Vai. Although he has been a Satriani pupil, he really started with (no one less than) Frank Zappa. This apprentice took everything he learned and that is recognisable in is work. Imagine Frank Zappa playing hard/metal stuff. This is it. But the real talent of Vai is that his hard/metal is not violent nor uninovative, and his compositions are not too difficult to listen to even if they are very technical. Well, you might have guessed, Steve has got a place of choice in my heart because he is unique and gathers many styles of music that were hardly fuse. And he did it !

Extracts :

Iberian Jewels

My Steve Vai TOP3:
1. Alive In A Ultra World (2001)
2. Flexable Leftovers (1984/1998)
3. Real Illusion : Reflections (2005)

My Steve Vai BOTTOM3 :
1. Sex And Religion (1993)
2. Fire Garden (1996)
3. Alien Love Secrets (1995)


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