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Sunday, May 4, 2008

RADIOHEAD, part 2 (ABO#058)

Talking On Radio, pt 2 (The Bootleg Version)

To get ingormation on Radiohead, please read the description for ABO#033 on this blog. This new compilation contains songs taken from boots. Obvioulsy, this sound is not perfect, but Radiohead spirit is here at its highest !

Thanks to Stefan for the artwork and to David for selecting the songs from his great collection of boots !

1-Bishop's Robes
2-Follow Me Around
3-Nobody Does It Better
5-Motion Picture Soundtrack (earlier version)
7-Thinking About You (earlier version)
8-Faithless, The Wonder Boy
10-Union City Blue
11-Meeting in the Aisle
12-Lewis (Mistreated)
13-True Love Waits
14-The Thief (CAN cover)
15-India Rubber
16-How Can You Be Sure
17-Sing a Song for You (Tim Buckley cover)
18-Stupid Car
19-Banana Co.
20-Big Ideas (Nude)
21-Sunday, Bloody Sunday (U2 cover)
22-Killer Cars
23-The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy

1 comment:

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Splendide compilation ! Merci Pierre et David (et Stefan). Je croyais en avoir fait le tour de ce groupe !