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Tuesday, May 20, 2008



More of a "Beginner's Guide" than a best of, this compilation spans the entire spectrum of genres and emotions covered by the Foo Fighters in their 13 years carreer. Do I need to introduce you to ex-Nirvana's drummer Dave Grohl's band? I don't think so... Both the commercial success and critical acclaim have won the band a reputation that challenges the very status of Dave's previous band. Lets say it wasn't a done deal when the debut self titled album was released back in 1995... But, with talent and persistance, the band managed to establish itself as one of the leading forces of the planetary rock scene. Well done boys and... Keep up the good work!

1. This Is A Call
2. Big Me
3. For All The Cows

4. Monkey Wrench
5. My Hero
6. See You
7. Baker Street
(Gerry Rafferty cover)
8. Stacked Actors
9. Breakout
10. Learn To Fly

11. Next Year
12. All My Life
13. Have It All
14. Times Like These
15. No Way Back
16. DOA
17. Cold Day In The Sun
18. The Pretender

19. Long Road To Run
20. Home

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