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Monday, May 26, 2008



It wasn't an easy task to sum up the 35 years of Aerosmith in a double cd yet, I think I did a good job without excluding any album... From a debut album comprising one of the best rock ballads ever, Dream On, to a blues covers opus that made me feel that the band had not much left to say but could still say it with class and talent, Aerosmith has had its ups and downs... Funny that the late 80's to the early 90's (from 1987's Permanent Vacation to 1997's Nine Lives) was the most successful time of the band's history when everybody, either in the music industry or the audience, thought the band was commercially dead. But, then, the Toxic Twins (aka Steven Tyler and Joe Perry) went to rehab and changed their lives. Funny too that one of the most referential hard rock band of the 70's came back on the mainstream audience's map because of a duet with a rap formation (1986's Walk This Way with Run DMC). Funny also that one of the most "dangerous" band of the 70's had its biggest hits with ballads. Aerosmith was (is) a band of many paradoxes, one that never appeared where you expected. Lets see what the long awaited new album will bring us... Anyway, in the meantime, lets enjoy those 35 sweet emotions spanning the band's long and rich carreer!

1. Dream On 4:27
2. Mama Kin 4:28
3.Same Old Song And Dance 3:53
4. Train Kept A Rollin' 5:46
5. Walk This Way 3:41
6. Big Ten Inch 2:14
7. Sweet Emotion 4:35
8. You See Me Crying 5:12
9. Last Child 3:26

10. Rats In The Cellar 4:05
11. Combination 4:21
12. Critical Mass 4:51
13. Sight For Sore Eyes 3:51
14. Remember (Walking In The Sand) 4:05

15. Reefer Head Woman 4:03
16. Mia 4:13
17. Jailbait 4:39
18. Cry Me A River 4:07
19. Shame On You 3:22

1. Rag Doll 4:25
2. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) 4:26
3. Hangman Jury 5.33
4. Love In An Elevator 5:42
5. Janie's Got A Gun 5:33
6. What It Takes 6:30
7. Get A Grip 3:58

8. Livin' On The Edge 6:07
9. Cryin' 5:08
10. Amazing 5:56
11. Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) 3:26
12. Ain't That A Bitch 5:25

13. Jaded 3:36
14. Sunshine 3:38
15. The Grind 3:47
16. Walk This Way (with Run DMC) 5:11

1. Toys In The Attic (1975)
2. Rocks (1976)
3. Permanent Vacation (1987)

1. Done With Mirrors (1985)
2. Draw The Line (1977)
3. Just Push Play (2001)

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Anonymous said...

Clever site. Good luck.

FYI, at the Arrowsmith "Sweet Emotion" page ... your second compressed download file has a different name than the one the first download file is looking for. So in effect, you can get the first file, but not the other two. For what that's worth to you.

Also, you might indicate the bitrate of the files on your site. 320, 256, 196, 160 etc, or VBR.