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Friday, April 15, 2011


As said Burns in our previous post, Its something useless baistophing Mcca's Hits because they are so much known that there's no point doing that. It was also my opinion until I listened to what Burns sent me beside his Baistophe : his complete single-o-graphy. 50-or-so titles that weren't all very famous but quite a majority was indeed very popular.
In a first approach, I really didn't want to do that Baistophe because I felt that Paul's official best of Wingspan was a top one, even if it focused on his Wings carreer.

By the way, none of his latter singles were in it an I felt it was unfair not to mention any of it at all, to begin with C'mon People and Hope Of Deliverance which are songs I really like.
You will find no tracks from Band On The Run for two reason : the first one, the real one is that they are already on Burns compilation. The second one is that Band On The Run is a splendid album and you can buy it to complete this panorama

Extracts :

Mull Of Kintyre
(1977 single, included as a bonus track on 1993 reissue of London Town)
Simply because it is my absolute favorite Mcca's song. I love pipe bands too.

C'mon People
(1993 single, issue from the album Off The Ground)
That year Paul McCartney has issued two great singles and those two ones, included in that Baistophe are imho the best ones sice Mull Of Kintyre. That proves that he has never really lost his inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour, il y a un des liens qui pointe sur l'ABO418a. Je présume que c'est une erreur ?

[GEMY] said...

Exact, un copié-collé un peu maladroit. Erreur corrigée.