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Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Of the many Thrash bands which raided the Metal scene in the second half of the eighties, Coroner (from Switzerland) are among the finest and most original, no doubt.
Alas, a deadly combination of bad luck, lack of support from their label (which shows promotionally as well as with the quality of the recordings doomed by low budgets). But, as quality almost always wins, Coroner has gained a well-earned cult status.
From their early material, something like a more melodic and technically evolved Kreator, to their final album (the much underrated Grin), the band has known a tremendous evolution continuing to set themselves apart from their scene-mates. Eventually, the three-piece will grow tired of their lack of success and recognition and call it a day leaving the metal scene short of one of its greatest values.
Not much has been heard from the three lads since. Tommy Vetterli alone will keep on the radar, joining country-mate Stephan Eicher as a live musician and, later, Kreator during their most controversial period.
Coroner recently came back together with plans for a Celebratory World Tour. No recording has been scheduled yet.
About the compilation, I chose a chronological order as to demonstrate how big an evolution Coroner has seen. Also, I excluded both the covers the band recorded, namely The Beatles' "I Want You (She's So Heavy" and Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze"; both are fine versions but not good enough to be included here. I hope you'll enjoy what I came up with and won't mind the somewhat muddy production of most of Coroner's recordings.

A taste of what you'll get:

3 samples to demonstrate Coroner's technical skills, compositional abilities and evolution, ENJOY!

Masked Jackal (1988)
from "Punishment for Decadence"

Read My Scars (1989)
from "No More Color"

Host (1993)
from "Grin"

Kreator, Death Angel, Watchtower, Celtic Frost


Anonymous said...

Alors ça .... C'est vraiment fort !

Merci pour cette trouvaille sortie de nulle part !!

A quand un Baistophe des Specials, qui serait vraiment bienvenu pour "écrémer" le sujet ?

The Bigornot said...

Excellent! Merci de remettre en lumière ce groupe helvète injustement méconnu... A noter que le guitariste a joué par la suite avec Stephan Eicher.
JE me souviens d'une version live "metal" de déjeuner en paix, exceptionnel!