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Wednesday, January 19, 2011



This will be a very short. Why ? let me tell you...
Several months ago, we recieved in our mailbox this Laura Nyro compilation to be posted in this blog. First of all, many apologies to the autor of this selection, the old mails had been deleted for long so that I completely don't know who the hell is the guy (or the lady) who done that. If you are that one, just say it, I simply thank you for that choice.
And why I thank someone I don't even know the name to have sent us a Laura Nyro comp' ? Simply because before that, I had just no idea at all of who she was and what she sounded like. I've just read her article on wikipedia (see the german one, it is well documented !) and a piano-playing lady who is (was, sorry) influenced both in pop, jazz and other sweet stuff like that. To that description, I would say that she is the main inspiration for artists such as Fiona Apple, Nora Jones or Regina Spektor... I may be wrong but not far I guess.
Just to say to you that I haven't listened to it yet but I'm quite sure I'll like it as she is also known for having written songs for bands like Blood, Sweat & Tears or the 5th Dimension...
Hope you'll like it too.

wait if it's temporary unavailable


wackystuff said...

Wow! Good Choice. Keep up the good work. We love ya.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and am truly amazed at the quality of the compilations that you have put together. From the song selection to the graphic material, everything is top-notch. Keep up the excellent work!