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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ARNO (ABO#400)


Arno, a Belgian singer/songwriter who sing both in French and English and sometimes in his native Flemish, is one of the most respected figures in his homeland and, with time, became quite big in France too.
Originally, this compilation was supposed to be the work of Baistophe's collaborator SFP who left me with a hundred song and an name for his compilation. I gotta say it's been an advantage not to know anything about the artist to make a choice as to what was to end up on this Baistophe.
I ended up with 42 songs out of Arno's 12 studio albums which display how he evolved throughout time as well as stylistically starting as a new wave meets blues artist and slowly developing a sound that is his own only.
Actually, I could feel a strong Tom Waits influence in the Belgian's style, that doesn't mean he's just a copycat; he's far more than this.
About the title, I think it's quite fitting when someone with Arno's voice was likely to fail yet, just like Tom Waits or Shane MacGowan, managed to establish himself as a major artist deserving to be heard by more people.
Here's your chance, make sure not to miss it.

RIYL: Stephan Eicher, Alain Bashung, Tom Waits, CharlElie Couture


Anonymous said...

Super!!! merci!

Anonymous said...

Artiste qui méritait bien son anthologie ici. Travail soigné as usual!

Anonymous said...

vous poussez,mon cher,la perfection,jusque dans le choix du nom du fichier...chapeau!