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Saturday, December 11, 2010



I like great challenges. After my 1CD Doors Baistophe, I suggest you another selection of a great band (the best ever ?). Considering their short life and the shortness of their LPs, I really was sure it would fill a single CD but regarding to the very high quality of their work, it was "Mission : Impossible".
The official Red and Blue best ofs are not really bad ones but lack some true fine tunes like Tomorrow Never Knows, She's Leaving Home and other ones. On another hand, some songs were outrageously unfairly on that compilation... like Obladi Oblada.
I think it's pointless introducing such a band so I let you try this version that is not perfect (I had the weakness to keep Yellow Submarine), but it is for me the best one... well I guess.
Some songs are from the Anthology CDs and Yesterday is an unissued version, without strings.
Suprisingly, no tracks from Let It Be Naked was kept.
Feel free to argue about my choices!

revolutionary album

For too many people, Sgt Pepper's was that revolutionary album, but to me it is Revolver. Revolver was THE first psychedelic album while Sgt Pepper's was just another psych album in 1967 among many others.

The best

Abbey Road(1969)
No doubt about it. My choice is like any other's one. Because this album is simply perfect. The first side is an amazing collection of bloody good tunes while the second side is just what's to become a progressive rock song : a great succession of pretty tunes that go together well (my Michelle).

The best live

Get Back (1969)
This is not an official live album by the Beatles but a rockumentary. Because the other, few, live albums of theirs have been edited and none of them are really enjoyable. The Beatles had decided very early in their career to stop touring. Because of that and because their best era was after that turning point, no good live recording is available... at the exception of that rockumentary that brings them on Abbey Road Studio's Rooftop. A very short concert, but what a concert!

The worst

With The Beatles (1963)
I think this album was a bit too quickly booked. The first album, Please Please Me, was a good one but the too you band had not enough experience to record a new one only half a year after its predecessor. As you might have witnessed, I only kept one song from it and it was very close not to be part of this compilation at all.

wait if it's temporary unavailable


Raven176 said...

Well, you're sure not taking the easy bands!
I like the order they were placed in very much.
Nice effort

pfelelep said...

Wow, the Beatles!
This was quite a challenge. :)

thanks a lot for sharing.

Don said...

That was a difficult task! My own Beatles best of is three discs and it would be very hard for me to cut it down to two.

I agree with your revolutionary / best album choices but I like several live recordings more. The BBC stuff is especially well recorded. The 1963 Sweden show is good enough to be an official album but doesn't vary much from the studio versions. Parts of the Houston & Adelaide concerts are great examples of the live performances but compensation for crowd noise cuts the dynamic range.

Your choice for worst album may have been influenced by your age. It's very much old-school rock & roll. If you lived through Beatlemania first hand, there's also a lot of sentimental attachment to those early days of
falling in love with the band.

With The Beatles is certainly in the bottom two or three, but Yellow Submarine is my choice for worst.

Thanks for this baistophe, hope we see another one before year end!

[GEMY] said...

I Was to put YELLOW SUBMARINE on my Worst Album choice. The second side is an awful collection of contemporary stuff that don't really sound great without the images. But there are plenty of great tunes on the first side even if there are some songs you can find on older albums. The reedition of it is rather a compilation than a OST...
To me, Y.M. is not the worst album : it's just the most useless album if you have the others.

Rochacrimson said...

Really great!
Please more classic rock,prog,kraut,zeuhl,jazz-fusion and symphonic rock bands :-)
Thanks once again!

Rochacrimson said...

...and psychedelic rock too :-)

Anonymous said...

Where is eight days a week? - The best Beatles song ever


majorcurry said...

I don't know what to say yet because i am just beginning to listen, fidelity is clean and sharp and the sort appears to.... like i said i don't know what to say but very fab and thanks.

[GEMY] said...

Maybe for you, dear Chaz. Not for me, sorry...

julien said...

GĂ©nial !
l'album vert ... comme celui de Weezer !
mille vers

wheelchairs said...

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Anonymous said...

Love it & thank you. The Beatles can do no wrong in my books :)

KeeWee said...

Well ... I thought I knew The Beatles ... but you have amazed me and filled some gaps in my education ... many thanks for the hard work and effort you have put into this compilation ... cheers mate