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Monday, November 29, 2010



Arjen Lucassen is an astonishing case. Almost completely unknown in 1998 and dutch-born, he managed to become one the most central Progressive Metal ambassadors, and maybe the most accepted for non-Prog-Metal addicts.
After having participated in bands like BODINE or VANGEANCE, Arjen Lucassen decided to have his own projects and put some more Progressiveness in his music. Very soon, he had such aura that guests like MARILLION's FISH, IRON MADEN's BRUCE DICKINSON, LANA LANE were involved into his best projects, recorded under the name of AYREON.
Beside, Lucassen founded many other bands : STAR ONE whose music is more spacy ; AMBEON is a lighter AYREON, less metal-sounding while STREAM OF PASSION is almost fully Metal oriented. Although he founded that latest band, he left it for their final album. I although decided to include that album in this chronological selection that gathers both AYREON's songs and other Lucassen's projects ones... Ayreon and Lucassen's other short stories...

revolutionary album

Into The Electric Casle(1998)
That year, Lucassen was still a confidential artist, only known by an underground community. This didn't prevent him from guesting such Prog and Metal stars like FISH, ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN (THE GATHERING), DAMIAN WILSON (THRESHOLD, LANDMARQ)

The best

Universal Migrator Pt 1: The Dream Sequencer(2000)
Clearly the best. The wiser one, Arjen Lucassen leaves his metal habits far behind and records an album in a real Pink Floyd spirit. Mostly each song is worth the listen

The best live

Live On Earth (Star One, 2003)
This album is not necessarily an essential one, but it's a good live introduction to Arjen Lucassen's universe. It includes both Ayreon and Star One repertory. Well interpreted and recorded.

The worst

Strange Hobby (Arjen Lucassen, 2003)
Not even a bad one. Just a useless one. Lucassen is just having fun covering his old favourite songs. This is just sometimes surprising, especially for the Simon & Garfunkel's song or other soft pop songs played, as usual with Arjen, in a progressive metal style.

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Reuno said...

Hi guys!
I did not know AYREON at all and thanks to your ABO I've been able to discover them... and I like it!!!!
Thanks a million for this one!!