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Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Upon making this compilation, I realized it would be impossible to cut it into a single disc and so I decided to add a few of Mr. Plant's collaborations.
Of course, every one of his solo albums has been covered but so have been the Honeydrippers, Page/Plant and his recent work with country singer Alison Krauss.
Listening to it, I decided to keep the order chronological as it displayed how the "Plant sound" has evolved through the years. I think this makes for a strong set that proves how valuable a songwriter and a performer Robert Plant is.


Manic Nirvana(1990)
The album with which I discovered Robert Plant's solo career. I got it back when it was released and was blown away.
I still love this album that has aged quite well (despite some 80s gimmicks) and still has some of the best songs in Robert's solo repertoire.
A must hear if there ever was one!


Mighty Rearranger(2005)
With a bunch of daring musicians, Robert proves - at age 57 - that he still is one of the greatest.
Mixing oriental sounds to rock and blues, he and his band, the Strange Sensation, manage a killer rock album.


Fate Of Nations (1993)
More relaxed and laidback than his bombastic predecessor - Manic Nirvana - Fate of Nations expresses Robert's gentle side.
There is not one weak song on the whole album which make it one of Robert's best.

The worst

Now & Zen (1988)
Not exactly a bad album but a transitional one.
Try to renew his sound (something he will successfully do on the next album, Manic Nirvana) Robert Plant and his band don't go far enough keeping too many 80s tricks.
That said, it still is worth listening to but hardly essential.


Anonymous said...

thank you for this wonderful compilation. even if I have all these songs and records already, it is great to have these songs all together in one place. well done. keep going. rod

Anonymous said...

Great golden god baistophe episode. Thanks. Could be useful to have a Robert live anthology as well, as the man always delivers the goods particularly on stage. There are many wonderful sdb or radio recordings of him who documents quite well his live presence and this from the beginning of his solo career to this present day.

On another level, could you please re-up someday the led zeppelin (live + studio) links?

Thank you so much for all the hard work, keep on rockin', and merry christmas to all the team.


Nicky10lbs said...

Thanks for this Robert Plant " Best Of ". You did more than an adequate job. Robert has always remained an ambitious man. He never stops making new music. More then I can Say for Jimmy Page . Who completely rests on his laurels ,and has only 1 solo album. Thank you again.

[GEMY] said...

Sorry, not enough time this late year, the re-up will be available soon