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Sunday, September 13, 2009



Rashanim is a trio of guitar, bass and drums/percussion combining the power of rock with the spontaneity of improvisation, deep Middle Eastern grooves, and mystical Jewish melodies. The 'Jewish power trio' is led by Jon Madof on guitar and includes Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (Yo-Yo Ma, Anthony Braxton) on bass and Mathias Künzli (Lauryn Hill, Moby) on drums and percussion. The band gets its name from the noisemakers used during the raucous Jewish holiday of Purim.
This compilation covers the 4 albums released on John Zorn's Tzadik either on the Rashanim name or on leader's John Madof (the first one, entitled Rashanim). Some of the compositions included are the work of John Zorn.
Lyrical and beautiful, Rashanim joyfully celebrates the Jewish experience with passion, lyricism, a profound sensitivity and a welcomed rockier edge making them one of the most exciting young bands exploring New Jewish Music.

John Zorn, Karate, Yoshie Fruchter


Anonymous said...

This is Jon Madof - I'm the guitarist and bandleader of Rashanim. This is copyright infringement and illegal distribution of our music. Please remove it immediately to avoid legal action.

Baker said...

This one wasnt worth the effort,the songs where quite lame and the production was week. How come your blog is getting boring . You need to step it up .

S.F.P. said...

@ Anonymous
If you indeed are Jon Madof, something your comment doesn't prove, understand that our goal is to make people know music we love without posting the albums that are available in stores.
Please, contact us at baistophe[at]gmail(dot)com.

@ Baker
Your taste, not mine.

cisumevil said...

That's a shame that I cant have a listen 1st :(

I have spent $1000s on CD's from Mr Zorns Zadik label & while I like most of what I have brought some were even too much for me except a one off listen - There is only so much excitment of hearing a song made from wind machines & electricity pulses lol

Now that I have 4 people who depend on me I have to be really sure I wont the music before I buy, so Im SORRY RASHANIM you have lost a sale from me ;(

Anonymous said...

this is the REAL jon madof, see how i uppercassed the word real? i was just checking in to say BOOOOO!

Mister Moods said...

And why is the "real" Jon Madof checking in?
Pretty please, let your light shine on us heathens.

Simon Jenson said...

Seeing as how Mr. Madof's career has gone absolutely NOWHERE since he demanded that this small collection of his music be removed by threat of law, I seriously hope he understands how this singular action may have impacted his inevitable demise.

Simon Jenson (a former Rashanim fan)