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Saturday, September 5, 2009



It was a tough choice to make but logic dictated it. The Gathering, when Anneke Van Giersbergen was part of it, was a band unlike any other. Lead by a muse, this regular doom/goth metal band turned its music into art.
For 13 years and 6 albums, The Gathering became a band that could shift his music from quality goth metal to something ethereal and dreamy that took all of us on landscapes we weren't expecting. Sadly, it came to an end when the band and its angelic lead vocalist parted ways after what had been their most disappointing album ("Home"), not a bad album, just not up to the quality standards they used to reach.
Anyway, there still was enough material to fill up two full CDs and it's really all you have to know. Just close your eyes and...Travel.

mStanzas' The Gathering (Anneke era) List
01 - Souvenirs (2003)
02 - How To Measure A Planet (1998)
03 - Mandylion (1995)
04 - Nighttime Birds (1997)
05 - If Then Else (2000)
06 - Home (2006)

Cocteau Twins, Lacuna Coil, The 3rd and the Mortal

(tracklist and rip by mStanzas/artwork and text by S.F.P.)

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geemarcus said...

Thank you again for another great baistophe! I've listened to this almost exclusively for the past few days and I love it. I've over two thousand artists in my library at and I can't believe I've never encountered this band before.

As a side note, it's inspired me to finally delete several mediocre Gothic metal albums from my library.