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Friday, September 11, 2009



First of all, I'd like to welcome new full-time contributor to this blog, the very documented TT who compiled this great BAISTOPHE.
Many will know Mott The Hoople for their David Bowie penned hit “ All The Young Dudes” but as the title suggests their was much more to the MoTT than their Glam period hit. Many hardcore fans would cite their pre-Bowie period on the Island label as their peak period, not me. I was a spotty wee Bowie fan when I was blown away but “All The Young Dudes” but it was the period that followed that for me is their best. Their “Mott” and “Hoople” albums still stand up today.
That said had Bowie a long time Mott fan not stepped in at that time, they would have broken up and we would never had those albums.
Unfortunately the break up was inevitable with first Mick Ralphs leaving to form Bad Company. Ian drafted in Mick Ronson but that line up only give us the one single, “ Saturday Gig” a tantalising glimpse of what might have been. The band struggled on without Ian as “Mott” for one album, Ian went on to a long solo career, with a new album just released.
And after 35 years, the original line-up will return to the stage for a sold out 5 nights at Hammersmith Apollo, where they appeared recorded their “Mott Live” album over three decades ago with someone called Queen ( whatever happened to them ?)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one..but 160 kbps !!!...that's a poor effort..nearly everyone does the uploads at 320 nowadays...Johannes

Ayah Gagöhn said...

You may or may not like it, That's what we have to give you.

Frankie said...

Great song choice ,but I agree with 1st post you can here the difference in the sound at 160.320 is the preferred choice ,but its free and I thank you.

S.F.P. said...

You want CD quality? Buy the cds.
Baistophe's aim is NOT to steal the artists but to give you an introduction to their art and, for that matter, a 96kbps version is enough. So, okay, we try to provide you with better bitrate than that but don't be too demanding or 96kbps is what's we'll do in the future.
Music is art and artists deserve to be paid.

Nick the Quick said...

Wow , Tough talk.Why don't you do one better and close this blog . Threatening 96kbps. The one post by Frankie said that "he thanked you for it was free". Your a pompous ass. I know you wont show my post ,but please if you had enough of this then close your damn blog.Dont threaten just do it !!!!!!

kingpossum said...

Brilliant cover art and brilliant retorts Ayah and SFP as usual. Mr. Ian Hunter is making great, vitriolic music right now at the age of 70 (you read that right), so this Mott overview is timely and welcome.

Separately, thanks again for the two-part post on Willy Deville. I'm not usually emotional about artist passings but that one was tough--the man's spirit was just so potent and sweet.


S.F.P. said...

@ Kingpossum,
Thanks for appreciating the effort we're putting into this blog. ;)

@ Nick
You're pretty quick on insulting us which is a cheap shop considering our hard work here.
As it happens, that's not a threat just a mere reflection of how tiresome it can be to see criticism when so much hard work and love of the music has been displayed on "baistophe".
We do no intend to close the blog anytime soon. We have lots of new projects and we haven't lost the faith. We just wish people understand how annoying quick criticism is.

Ayah Gagöhn said...

It's sure easy to say that we don't make any effort when we have to listen a band's whole discography to make our choices and find it sometimes hard to fill only 2 CDs, and sometimes much harder to find pictures to make our artwork. If you talk of effort, make yourself some by downloading the tracks we selected at the bitrate you wanted to have (even flac if you want). It's always easy to criticize
someone not to make enough effort when you just have to click on a "download" button

S.F.P. said...

For example, we have a list of requested artists we'd like to see on baistophe.
So far, we've had so few proposals it just hurt.
I think most people are just leechers which shows how little value the music has to them.
Sad, really sad...

awopbopalubop said...

Sorry, if your werent happy with my bitrate, just inmagine you are a spotty teenager, haring it your bedroom for the first time on a cheap phillips record player, with a coin on the arm to stop it jumping, like i heard it for the first time.
I put a fair bit of effort into to it and its my first post. I have just compiled two followe ups which have taken even more time as the catalogue of the artists involved is much larger, and the isn't exactly motivating.
The irony I think is that if someone is such an "audiphile" you wouldnt go near an MP3 of any bitrate and stick to pure CD quality or even vinyl.
I have friends who go on about bit rate and lossles and never play music outside their PC or I POD. sometimes. A clsoe friend was raving about the Beatles Remasters to me and when I played him the Mono Revolver on my Stereo his jaw dropped.
WHy should the BLOG clsoe, its meets their brief ( read what it says on the yop of page) if not yours.
why not go and set up a similiar site but LOSSLESS Flac or high bit rate ?

I think Ayah's response was to the first "poor effort" post
I'm all sad now :(
not really :)

Anonymous said...

I´m a longtime Mott-fan and I think this compilation have nearly the same tracks I should have chosen. "Mott" and "The Hoople" is also my favorite albums with the band.

Don´t listen to childish insults, keep up the good work. Maybe a Ian Hunter compilation stands next in line...


Baker said...

That's what Internet's all about nowadays. SFP says "artists deserve to be paid" and the answer is "wow, tough talk".

There's something REALLY wrong about the way people consume music nowadays, and this blog is a stone in the wall of protection against both extremes of the spectrum - cult of ignorance and mass brainwashing on one side, greed and selfishness on the other. Just keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

Wow..I certainly started something..I was merely saying that this is a great blog with some fantastic music on it..but it's all been at great quality at 256 or 320 (and that's not CD quality either...ask Neil Young what he thinks of mp3 quality !!!)..but just that you bring someone new on board and straight away the quality drops..hopefully it's just a one off..although with the rather pathetic child-like " threats " to lower it even more..I'm not so sure...Johannes

S.F.P. said...

You said "Thanks for this one..but 160 kbps !!!...that's a poor effort..nearly everyone does the uploads at 320 nowadays...".
I don't see where the compliment on the great blog and effort are.
And the 96kbps thingy was not a threat, merely a reminder of what we could have done with the aim we have set from day one.
Now, you'll see we seldom go lower than 192 and, when we do, it's generally because we haven't found a better bitrate.
That said, I just wish you realize you started it with a comment that wasn't nice at all.

awopbopalubop said...

When I meet Neil Young, I think the pertinamt question might be " what do you think of people downloading your music for free and complaing about quality ?" I can imagine his response. I woul than ask whay after waiting 30 yrs for "archives" whislt the sound quality was great he fecked up on the content.
All the MoTT on my mis is freely available is super CD quality, I;m sure that my mix is good wnouff to tell you if it warrent further investigation, Oh its not free. well it is if you just wanna leech.

Just send my next contribution on, I put a lot of effort into the content, as for bitrate ? didnt even check, it sounds fine on my i pod and MY PC which as top of the rane Audio GAlaxy soundcard and the top of the range Logitech spkrs.

Bye Now :)

Oh yiu never used the word "GREAT" in your comment.
If its not for you and, sorry, but it didnt exist ant any bitrate prior.

Richard said...

Ignore the haters.

The whole point, as I see it, of what you do is to provide us with pointers to music we might choose to buy... it's a service I for one value very highly as you've allowed my to vastly expand my CD collection without taking risks on recordings I might not enjoy.

You cast your net wide, and over the months I've been following your (via Fuzzy) you've opened my eyes to a shedload of things I might not otherwise have discovered.

Thank you for all the hard work.

zappahead said...

Thank you for sharing this great compilation...much appreciated and will look forward to listening to these great tunes again...all the very best.

Anonymous said...

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