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Friday, May 8, 2009

NEU! (ABO#204)



While little known and relatively unheralded during its brief existence, the Krautrock duo Neu! cast a large shadow over later generations of musicians and served as a major influence on Punk music, Cold wave, Avant-Garde or even Electronic music.
Neu! formed in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 1971 after multi-instrumentalists Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger both split from Kraftwerk. Recorded in the space of four days with Can producer Conrad Plank, the duo's self-titled debut appeared early in 1972 and quickly established their affection for minimalist melodies and lock-groove rhythms.
After that german acclaimed first LP, times were hard for the duo. The couldn't spare enough money to record new albums so disbanded and reunited each time they could. Only 4 albums were recorded, the first 3 ones in a lap time of 3 years, the last more than ten years after its predecessor.

My Neu! TOP :
1. Neu! (1972)
2. Neu! 1975 (1975)
3. Neu! 2 (1973)
4. Neu! 4 (1986/1996)

1 comment:

kingpossum said...

You know, I have all the Neu! releases, but had to download this just because it's such a cool package and a different listen.

I remain a bigger fan of the first album than the others by far, but this puts everything in a different context that's really interesting.

Great work as usual.