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Friday, April 10, 2009



For many people, ska is not an old music style, it's just a white reggae. That's a big error. In fact, ska is a black music much older than reggae, and at the origin of reggae ! Just because the 80s where to begin, a band of young white english people had to wish a ska revival. What a surprise in that punk era to ear some clean soft dancing songs, completely the contrary of what was punk. Madness was much a surprise as England hardly imported exotic music. The band were nearly the first to. At that time of 'no future' thoughts, Madness gave a lighter point of view to life and brang joy and happiness to any party. The most popular Madness stuff lives in their first 3 or 4 LPs. After that, they had progressively become a simple pop band and ska disappeared once again, until younger bands gave it another live with, O surprise, punk in it !
This is a panorama od Madness history. Hope you'll enjoy it and dance all night !

My Madness TOP3 :
1. One Step Beyond (1979)
2. Absolutely (1980)
3. Keep Moving (1984)

My Madness BOTTOM3 :
1. Mad Not Mad (1985)
2. The Madness (1999)
3. The Dangermen Sessions, vol 1 (2005)

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annmargretfan said...

I love Madness and can't wait to hear this collection once the download is done. Thanks