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Thursday, April 30, 2009



Here we are! 200th Baistophe and still kicking!
Celebration of such an event was something we couldn't miss and, after the 100th Baistophe with and extensive Zappa coverage, we decided to "do" another great name from the past: DEEP PURPLE.
Ayah Gagöhn took over the live recordings, selecting a 3 cd set full of grandeur and improvisation, while S.F.P. did the studio counterpart as a triple deed too.
We hope you'll enjoy the selection we've came up with.
See ya for the 300th Baistophe for another celebration of an artist's life achievement (suggestions as to whom we should do are welcomed).

(Note= the artwork of this boxset, crafted by Ayah Gagöhn, is only viewable in the downloadable files. What we presented here is just a draft.)


(click on the image to view at full size)

You Keep On Moving

Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming

Ayah Gagöhn's DEEP PURPLE LIVE Top 3:
1 - Live/Made In Japan (1972)
2 - On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat (1976)
3 - Mk III : The Final Concerts (1975)

Ayah Gagöhn's DEEP PURPLE LIVE Bottom 3:
1- Live At Inglewood (1968)
2- Nobody's Perfect (1988)
3- Live With The London Symphony Orchestra (1999)

1 - In Rock (1970)
2 - Machine Head (1972)
3 - Fireball (1971)

1 - Slaves & Masters (1990)
2 - The Battle Rages On (1992)
3 - Bananas (2003)


Anonymous said...

Well done mates.
Actually, there's a mistake in your family tree. Coverdale didn't go from Purple to WSnake, he first released two solo alums which are, granted, the embryonic WSnake but were released under his name.

Ayah Gagöhn said...

We agree with you but Who will complain if we make voluntarily the confusion between Dave as a solo singer and his project Whitesnake ?
Second, this family tree is the grand-oeuvre of Pete Frame who is the most talentuous rock family tree builder...
Last, this same family tree has directly been taken from Deep Purple's own official site.

So ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

So, I guess the mistake is not yours. Still, it remains a mistake or, rather, an approximation.
Not that it's important but, as a long time Purple fan, it itched me to put things straight.

Ayah Gagöhn said...

I understand and just warm you that the upcoming Whitesnake Baistophe SFP is preparing will also feature Dave's solo carreer !

kingpossum said...

This Baistophe brings to mind the Stranglers for me. I'm mega for the Hugh Cornwell (read:original) era of the band, but refuse to listen to anything the band has done without him. And I'm not like that with everybody...Bon Scott and Brian Johnson era AC/DC are both fine by me.

What's that got to do with DP? Take Ritchie Blackmore out of the equation and I just can't excited. Not because I dislike Steve Morse--on the contrary, the guy's a monster--it just doesn't connect for me without Blackmore.

Funny how that works. And no, I haven't followed Ritchie into his Blackmore's Night thing. I'm glad he's happy doing it, but it ain't my cup of meat, and that's OK all around.

Thanks for listening and thanks for being BAISTOPHE!

S.F.P. said...

Still, I consider Purpendicular to be the best album Deep Purple released since their 1984 reformation... You should try it if you haven't already. ;)

julien said...

du très bon et du moyen là-dedans

merci pour la découverte
mille pourpres