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Friday, April 17, 2009

AMON DÜÜL (I + II) (ABO #196)


Here's another great part of history of music. With Can and Kraftwerk, Amon Düül became famous abroad from their home country, Germany. When Kraftewerk took an electronic touch and Can a more avant-garde one, Amon Düül travelled in many styles : Psychedelic, Space, Avant-garde... But by the mid-70s, although they were as inovative as at their beginnings, the band fell into oblivion and nearly disappeared in the early 80s until a final album recorded with Hawkwind (Hawks Meet Penguin). After that, nothing was really much interesting as this compilation has to stop in 1983.

My Amon Düül TOP3 :
1. Wolf City (1972)
2. Yeti (1970)
3. Tanz Der Lemminge (1971)

My Amon Düül BOTTOM3 :
1. Kobe (Reconstruction) (1996)
2. Die Lösung (1988)
3. Only Human (1979)


Anonymous said...

thanks for this one.
and thanks for Hawkwind, Ozrics and Porcupine Tree

Anonymous said...

Nice one!
Do you plan on doing Guru Guru, Neu! & Faust?

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Thanks anonyme #1 ;-)

@ anonyme #2 : sure we (I ?) will. Germany is one of the best country musically.

stuckinthe70s said...

thanks - steve.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff on this blog!
I would have never known for many years their music is this good if you didn't put this album here.
They are as good as the other German bands from the same era.

mike-floyd said...

You shouldn't mix the Amon Düül 2 with the later band called Amon Düül (Hawk Meets Penguin etc), who almost had nothing in common except the name and a unimportant former bass player, who tried to make money ripping off the band name...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this excellent idea.
Concerning the bottoms of AD2 "Kobe" was just outtakes issued for the benefit of the earthquake victims in Kobe, not really an album. "Die Lösung" was from the UK leg of AD. But is it really AD ?
Almost alive is really a "great" bottom" maybe even worth than Only human.
Even if it was added as a bonus track "Goldrush" is not really a AD2 track but a 18 Karat Gold track with 3 members of AD2
Helping you to complete ? Why not ?
Give me a mail were I could send you my list and you'll just have to pick in it

Anonymous said...

In thanks, find all of Faust here including two live gigs from 2009:

Cheers, Dave Sez.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this - I have mentioned your blog and this post in the comments (where you'll find several ADII rarities) here:

Bye for now, Ulrich Abwegig.