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Monday, November 10, 2008



Third part of a long serie of Pink Floyd tributes, this one had to be that way. My very first aim was to make each Floyd album covered but I already knew that it would be really uneasy for many of them such as Ummagumma (too underground), More and Obscured By Clouds (not enough acclaimed) or even The Wall (how will I find a different version of each track ?). So, I had to think about a different point of view : This Ummagumore brings together what I found and really liked, putting apart songs that were never covered (so sad for Grandchester Meadows or The Narrow Way pt3) or cover versions that weren't good enough to feature on those compilations. So this is an incomplete More and an incomplete Ummagumma you'll find in that Ummagumore, but I'm quite proud of the result. So enjoy, and don't hesitate to tell me about versions I would have missed in the past or would miss in the future. Thanks for all.

Extracts :
Human Instinct : The Nile Song (Pins In It)

Rosebud : Main Theme From More


Anonymous said...

do not think I have come acrossany of these versions before - in particular am particularly interested in hearing the Nick Turner version of Eugene. Many thanks.....

tom said...

I'm really lööking forward to hearing this compilation!
Many Thanks.
:-)tom in hamburg

Ayah Gagöhn said...

thanks to you !
Stay tuned !

Willem said...

I'm curious about this compilation. Thanx very much

The Old Fool said...

Thank you AG this is a superb compilation nost of these versions were unknown to me so thanks for this oppertunity to hear these works a fitting tribute to the mighty Pink Floyd.
Keep on bringing us the good stuff cheers
The Old Fool

mialee said...

Having a listen to some of these comps. and really enjoying what you've put together.
Well done and thanks.