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Tuesday, November 11, 2008



Upon their 1998 formation, 20 Minute Loop have maintained their gender-mixed trademark of uppity hooks and new wave beats to their native of San Francisco. Resulting in their self-proclaimed sound of "freak-pop," the quintet brought on an added inspiration of X, the Pixies, Pavement, and PJ Harvey.
Belonging to the post-Pixies generation of alternative bands, 20 Minute Loop brings on the guitars and male/female vocal interplay that was at the core of that influential group's sound, while putting its own futuristic and gentle spin on the blueprint for modern alternative music. Vocalist and keyboardist Kelly Atkins and guitarist and vocalist Greg Giles share the bulk of the songwriting, and together they've created their own world of song — simultaneously bleak and melancholic but nonetheless hopeful. The sadness comes in the form of spooky and downbeat melodies, but there's a lighter take on their music too. There's an undaunted quality to the strength and determination of 20 Minute Loop's sound and a soulfulness all too rare during the icy age of early-21st century rock.
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Everybody Out

Miriam Hopkins


ProgHead said...

While scrolling your amazing blog, I came across the Browning's Freaks visual. Since it's one of my all-time fav' movies, it itched me to try this compilation from a band I had never heard of before...
Well, indie rock is usually not my cuppa but these lads (and bird!) do their thing with wit and talent, kinda like the Pixies with more melodies I'd say. I really like how male and female vocals entertwine here.
I want to the band's website and ordered the cd with the songs I liked best on your compilation.
Thanks for the heads up and keep up the good work!

KeeWee said...

Please re-up ... cheers mate