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Wednesday, March 9, 2011



It's a mammoth of a baistophe I'm delivering today. Actually, it's a lot more than just the finest tracks of an artist as it takes us through Gary Moore's entire career starting with his "Cream", Irish Psychedelic-Blues Rockers Skid Row. From there, I considered every album Gary Moore ever laid his divine axe or his soulful vocals on.
And here it is! Six CDs worth of blues, hard rock, fusion, progressive rock… and more! To tell you the truth, I was rather surprised as how varied and good Gary Moore career had been. Obviously, I knew of his participation to Irish legends Thin Lizzy, and so did I know about his progressive/fusion endeavors with Colosseum II. Also, I was no stranger to both his Hair Metal and Blues Rock career. I even had the chance to see him live twice: first supporting the “Still Got the Blues” album, then with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker promoting their BBM album. Both concerts had been memorable experiences with Mr. Moore shining as the true Guitar Hero he was. Alas, his (failed) return to commercial music of the late 90’s and early 00’s (with “Dark Days in Paradise” and “A Different Beat”), made me lose sight of his music. Like I said, I knew almost every trick up Gary's sleeve but, considering it as a whole, it's amazing what the man has achieved. And so, naturally, I have been utterly shocked by the news of his death and decided it was time to pay the man tribute on this very blog.
I hope you’ll appreciate the work I’ve put into this Gary Moore Anthology and that it’ll lead you to want to know more about each and every step this dearly missed musician has taken on the Stairway to Heaven.
We miss you Gary. R.I.P.


Rochacrimson said...

God save him!
One of the best guitarists from all time.

Anonymous said...

Much too big but I can probably make a very good two disc set from this.

jeb-e-diah said...

Try it.
Let me just remind you this anthology covers more than 40 albums... 46 precisely.
That includes the live albums but NOT any of the many compilations.

Frankie said...

"Much too Big"" Please Baistophe don't you ever try to explain yourself again to ungrateful fools .What you did with this blog is unmatched anywhere in the blogosphere,and this one you made of Gary Moore is incredible. You my friend RULE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said Frankie this is a quality Baistophe for a guitarist of supreme talent.
Gary Moore has released so many excellent albums and in a variety of styles I think this was the least he desevered.
Thank you jeb-e-diah this lasted me through the night-shift last night and kept me rocking till the dawns early light cheers
kind regards
The Old Fool

Canadian Music said...

I did new covers for a 4 CD holder which will hold 3 CDs in two set ok.
Like Always Great Stuff and a very very BIG thanks for this set of Gary music!

neish said...

Guys, have you had any problems unpacking this? I was ok for 1st disc, but for later ones it doesn't accept BAISTOPHE as the password.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

It worked fine for me.

Pixito said...

I only say one thing about this compilation: !!!yyyyeeeeeaaaahhhhh!
Thanks baistophe, Gary was a great axeman. God bless him.