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Wednesday, March 16, 2011



I don't like Foreigner. Never did, never will. Actually, I consider their huge success to be kind of a fraud. Strange as it is for me to claim my relative dislike of the band’s music and still do a compilation of their finest tracks, I sure can appreciate the entertaining value of some of their songs, especially those from their first four albums. And, in the "cheese" department, Say You Will and I Want To Know What Love Is (repectively from Inside Information and Agent Provocateur, both terrible albums by the way), are worth a ton of your finest Philadelphia.
In order to complete the task of making a worthy selection, I listened to the whole of their studio discography and, trust me, it was sometimes painful. What I came up with, in the end, is this 20 songs compilation with an evident focus on Foreigner's early material. I chose not to put the songs in a chronological order to create kind of an "album-feel" to it. Also, I hope you'll like the humorous artwork... I just couldn't resist it.
Anyway, here “Feels Like the First Time”, I hope you’ll like it.

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Anonymous said...

faire une compil d'un groupe qu'on déteste, quelle abnégation ! Je suis admiratif

jeb-e-diah said...

Modérons, je ne déteste pas Foreigner. Ce n'est pas Céline Dion ou une autre merde du genre, quand même !
Alors, oui, je pense que Foreigner n'est pas un grand groupe, je suis cependant satisfait de cette sélection que j'apprécie pour ce qu'elle est: de l'AOR de qualité.

Frank S. Hurrat said...

I loved your introduction to this set. I've never cared much for their music one way or the other, and found myself agreeing with the comments you made. Don't be insulted that I'm not downloading this set, but I do love your intro. THANKS!!!

jeb-e-diah said...

I'll always prefere having been read and not downloaded than downloaded and not read. So thanks to you.
Glad you liked it.

Eye of Newt said...

I was considering a Foreigner compilation but I would have had to listen to everything after 1984. Thanks for taking one for the team.