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Tuesday, November 17, 2009



Only a 2CDset of Led Zeppelin would have been a disappointement to any of you, even if this has wonderfully been made by Grandmaster Mr Moodswings (aka S.F.P.). This also would have been an incomplete work if this 2CD didn't include any live tracks.
In fact that was planned so. S.F.P. has been looking after a LZ studio baistophe while I had the responsibility to baistophe a live one. In the contrary of Frank Zappa (ABO#100) and Deep Purple (ABO#200), Led Zeppelin are not much represented live, officially. Those 3 official live albums are also not the best one available, from far. Even if the BBC Sessions is one of the best ones, The Song Remains The Same lacks some good interpretation and recording. Fortunately, Led Zeppelin is one of the most bootlegged bands. And the good bootlegs are not rare. So this selection does not only features official recordings but also unofficial ones. Not very rare as you can find the original albums almost anywhere on the blogosphere, but sufficiently good enough to be mentioned.

A Year, A Live record :

1968- Spokane (1968-12-30)
1969- Electric Magic Over Dallas (1969-08-31)
1970- Intimidator (Geneva, 1970-03-07)
1971- BBC Sessions, CD2 (officially released in 1997)
1972- How The West Was Won (officially released in 2002)
1973- Salt Lake On My Mind (Salt Lake City, 1973-05-26)
1975- The Complete Earls Court (1975-05-17>25)
1977- Bringing The Hous Down (Landover, 1977-05-26)
1979- Knebworth (1979-08-04)
1980- Zürich (1980-06-29)


Rochacrimson said...

Simply Superb!
What a collection!
Thanks ;-)

Frankie said...

The reality is that your a great Blogger. Outstanding job on the "Mighty Led Zeppelin".

Anonymous said...

Unfreakin' Real, Booted sections are fantastic. Thanks for your work!!!! davek

Anonymous said...

Thanks A.G. always good to hear quality live Led Zep thanks for all your hard work and we all look forward to the next 300 BAISTOPHE'S
keep on rocking you guys rule.
Regards The Old Fool

Anonymous said...

Oops, left the comment regarding the mix in the wrong comment spot sorry....davek

pfelelep said...

c'est ouf! superbe collector!
merci monsieur baistophe!

S.F.P. said...

Concerning the problem with the mix, imoh, it would come in handy to upload just the songs with a problem in a new link.

Au sujet du problème avec le mix, ama, il serait plus pratique de n'uploader que les chansons ayant un problème dans un nouveau lien.

Frankie said...

Thank you kindly for fixing those songs. Do you think you will ever make a part 2 of Led Zeppelin ,both studio and live . Thanks Mate !

Anonymous said...

Two Thumbs up from Tokyo Japan. Awesome selection!! I've been collecting zep boots in blogsphere and made my version of 75-77 compilation but yours easily blows it away!! santa came early this year!!!


Anonymous said...

Link is dead, please repost it!!! Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the re-up. Great !