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Wednesday, August 6, 2008



France is on of the most cosmopolitan european countries, with so many culture : corsican, occitan, basque, aslacian, ... One of the musically most prolific region to emerge since the early 70s is Brittany. That celtic land has been the first to expose its culture in the modern rock world, helped by its cousins, the scottish, the irish, or the galician. The apparantly lack of variety in the music has been vanished by crossing other culture. That's why, you'll find some finnish songs (EV) or arabic songs (Taÿfa) in that compilation. Modernisation has also been one of the strength of that culture. Alan Stivell (see ABO#034) has been one of the very first to mix both celtic and rock music. That's then no surprise to find so many modernised traditional songs as Denez Prigent's electro work or even amazing Bagad Brieg's one. So here will be some Breton songs (made by Brittany native people) that brings proudness to that wonderful land. You easily will understand not to find Alan Stivell nor Tri Yann (ABO to come) in that compilation, because of their too big popularity.

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