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Thursday, June 16, 2011



Sure I did want to Baistophe Roberta but how hard was it to find all of her albums especially her youngest ones. I really wanted to compile this artist even if I didn't really know her complete work. In fact, I only knew her best period (1969-1975). This golden era completely fills the first CD of this chronological compilation. The second one gathers songs from 1977 to 1999. A last album, Holiday was been recorded in 2003 but was in fact a re-recording og her 1997's Christmas Album. This second period is much more smoothy and much more RNB than Soul. I'll understand you'll prefer to reduce this compilation down to the first CD... However, even if there are no real highlights in CD2, there some songs that are honestly listenable. Make your own opinion, if you want to...

Extracts :

Go Up Moses
(from Quiet Fire, 1971)

Feel Like Making Love To You
(from Feel Like Making Love, 1975)

My Roberta Flack TOP3 :
1. First Take (1969)
2. Killing Me Softly (1973)
3. Quiet Fire (1971)

My Roberta Flack BOTTOM3 :
1. Born To Love (feat. Peabo Bryson, 1983)
2. Oasis (1988)
3. The Christmas Album / Holiday (1997/2003)


Four Steps From The Blues said...

This was a great choice! Roberta Flack doesn't usually get much attention and I only knew her hit songs.

She picked some very interesting songs to cover. I liked the first half of the first disc but I ultimately decided that the rest wasn't special enough for me to keep. I never would have known if you hadn't put this together. I think that is the point of these exercises; to explore performers that you don't know well and decide if you want to hear more.

[GEMY] said...

You got it right !