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Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Mass Hysteria is all my youth. As a young student, this was one of the most frequent music I used to listen. On their first album, a fusion of Metal, Hardcore and nearly disco rhythm summed up this very energic music. On their following album, that recipe endured even if the band was clever enough not to restrictively and exclusively stay in that description. However, this is what we remind the most from them. By the way, Mass Hysteria is a great act on CD but really deserves being witnessed live. Recently this month a new live DVD as been edited. I truly think that this will be worth the listen. You can buy it here

Extracts :

Une Somme De Détails
(from Une Somme De Détails, 2007)

Knowledge Is Power
(from Le Bien-Être Et La Paix, 1997)

My Mass Hysteria TOP :
1. Le Bien-Être Et La Paix (1997)
2. Contraddiction (1999)
3. Un Somme De Détails (2007)
4. Failles (2009)
5. De Cercle En Cercle (2001)
6. Mass Hysteria (2005)

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Anonymous said...

Je passe ici pour remercier à prposo de ce post ci
Il m'aide a préparer un sujet sur l'Electronica, un lien de 2008 qui ne nous rajeuni pas :-) mais qui est encore là!!!
Désolé pour ce commentaire déplacé mais je n'avais pas le moyen de dire merci "là-Bas"
Bonne continuation