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Monday, January 18, 2010

LADIES : A (VAC#032)


With this new year has begun a new serie of various artists Baistophes. I felt sad to have finished my Pink Floyd cover project even if I hadn't done the 3 last albums...
So this new year (and surely 2011 too) will be a ladies year like last year has finished.
In the contrary of december's Ladies Month, this Ladies VAC serie doesn't deal with female singers but with female first named songs. I think this may be a good challenge to do even if some letters won't be easy to complete. But I make a bet on completing the whole alphabet.
The aim is to have songs that weren't Baistophe and maybe won't be because the band is too short-discographed, or because his/her song was not on his/her Baistophe (like Emilie Simon's Alicia in the present Baistophe) or because we're not sure that we will manage to complete his/her Baistophe.
Hope you'll Enjoy it.


John said...

I think I'm going to enjoy these selections. Suggestion for Ladies:B

Brenda's Iron Sledge - Robyn Hitchcock

Bathsheba Smiles - Richard Thompson

Song Of Bernadette - Jennifer Warnes

Beverley - John Martyn

Less obvious, but worthy of consideration

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Thanks John but only John Martyn's song may be included in Ladies B. The other ones are not-only first names

John said...

Okay , I see what you are doing now ( I was slow on the uptake there!).

Whatever, you're offering something different which is great, so keep on doing what your doing. It is much appreciated

Julien said...

Allison from the Pixies !?!

Anonymous said...

Other suggestions could be : Alice, Muriel and Martha from Tom "Glorious" Waits and Alison from Elvis Costello, four great songs!!! Thanks for your amazing compilations.. great work!! Jorge from Argentina

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Thanks to you all for your suggestion, but A is now over. But I keep your M suggestions for later.