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Saturday, January 30, 2010



Don't be afraid. Just don't be afraid... French TV, contrary to what their name may signify, is an american band. Their is absolutely nothing in common with France, at the exception of a "French Medley on their 2004 album Pardon Our French. Especially in that track you may understand how not french they are!
Don't be afraid too with this artwork. French TV is one of those bands who have the ugliest artworks. We couldn't have betrayed their tradition.
To be honest, French TV's music is also a terrible mess, so that's why this very first expression, don't be afraid, really fits with them.
Listening to any of those songs may require a hard effort of concetration. But if you successfully digest this, you may find it very interesting.
It's up to you to decide.

My French TV TOP3 :
1. The Violence Of Amateurs (1999)
2. Intestinal Fortitude (1995)
3. Yoo-Hoo (1997)

My French TV BOTTOM3 :
1. The Case Against Art (2001)
2. After A Lengthy Silence (1987)
3. Virtue In Futility (1991)

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