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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This Is My Last Goodbye

I know, I know things that happen are sometimes hard to live but there are some decision to be made.
Today was my round to post a Baistophe and I didn't really feel like doing it. In fact, it's been several weeks, several months that I had become a bit tired of that. Not that today I don't like Baistophing. In the contrary, I still live it, but it has taken so much parts in my life that I had to stop one day. I had already told to my dear friend SFP that I wanted to progressively stop my contribution to the blog from september, but today, I feel so empty, so powerless that I can't go on without risking anything within my health or my family's.
Baistophe has taken so much place in my life that I had to react before becoming a no-life.
Because I love much more my wife and daughter than music and this pretty good blog, my choice has been very easy to make.
SFP has told me that if I gave up, he'd stop too. I hope he won't because between me and he, he was the most talented. I really hope he'll go on and maybe hope that some of our friends, one-time contributor, will become full time member. This blog deserves it.
Laws are going against illegal downloads. I'm deeply for those laws because artists deserve to be paid for the work they've been doing. But keep on downloading those forgotten artists because industry is killing our common musical history by deleting them from their catalog.
So do what you want, but be sure you are true to those you love, be they famous or not.

Thank you all to you kind words during those 2 and half years of Baistophe. Regarding our first posts, I am just amazed of how we have evoluated... and we have evoluated thanks to your support. I won't forget that at all.

This was my last goodbye


elvino_ray said...

Many sad faces, my friend. This blog continues to be amazing. I hope SFP will continue to post, even if only once or twice a month. Baistophe is to good to be relegated to the ash heap of history!

Anonymous said...

A.G. I am so sorry you feel this way yet I understand that you have to be happy in your life I wish you well and hope you find much to make you happy with your wife and daughter.
I wish to thank you for your supply of new music that has given my record collection so many directions mayby I didnt thank you often enough for the directions you pointed me in, but thankss for all you have given to this blog and the community in gerneral many thanks and kind regards The Old Fool

geemarcus said...

Sorry to hear it but it's very takes a lot of energy and of course priority. I too hope the blog will continue and if so I'll gladly contribute sporadically.

hakoach said...

tnk u very much for all the wonderful music
but i am sure you will change your mind
anyway i wish u good luck in all things you will do and again i am a gretaful
u r special

S.F.P. said...

What a drama queen you are my friend!
I can't believe you're making such a public announcement of your retirement from BAISTOPHE without ever telling me first and the very day we were supposed to start a new theme-month.
I've got to admit I'm a little disappointed with you right now. Especially since this post drained a lot of energy out of me...
Anyway, I've got a few compilations that are already finished and I intend to post them. I not sure I'll continue after that, even more considering this very blog was your idea in the first place.
Ok, that's all I have to say for now.

pfelelep said...

thanks a lot for your wonderful work on Baistophe. You gave us so much of your passion, time and efforts.
Do not hesitate to come by sometime.

geemarcus said...

I'd like to add that I always felt like posts were actually a little too frequent for me personally. I'm able to listen to music all day at work but there was always more getting posted than I can absorb, and of course I also wanted to explore much of the previously posted content. I guess what I'm saying is that I don't think slowing down will hurt the blog in any way, and I hope that you'll continue and maintain what's already here. I've got a couple of tracklists ready to send to you guys, but I've been holding off on doing the artwork until you post the last Biastophe I sent... Thanks again, Marcus

Jeff Gee said...

I hope you keep going, at whatever pace is comfortable for you. You've introduced me (and a lot of other people, I'm sure) to so much music! Arists I was curious about, but didn't know where to start, others I'd never heard of but you made them sound interesting. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the great music. Hope all works out for you.

Raven176 said...

One door closes..another always opens. Let's see what happens.
Thanks for the efforts.

admin said...

Maybe the best solution is to slow down the uploads. It's hard to keep our rate for so long. Do not quit: take a breath and return in a more relaxed way, your family and we (internet-family) can be compatible.

Anonymous said...

bonne route et plein de bonheur
une derniere fois

julien said...

Mille rêves et vies avec les tiens.
Merci pour tout

Loren said...

SFP, I hope that you decide to keep up the blog, even if your posts are not as frequent. We understand the effort that goes into these posts, but you've allowed us to taste music that we might not have heard otherwise. Appreciate the effort all around. Thanks.

Franco said...

You've been helping a lot of people to remember, appreciate and discuss music for such a long time... That's been great. Sorry to learn you call it quits, but this is the time to just say thanks!!!